Sizzling summer day

The heat is here and I’m not enjoying it !! Well, at least not the day time heat anyway. lol  I’m so suck of hearing lawn mowers I don’t know what to do. I think my neighbors all have lawn fetishes !! The good thing is the grass looks good.

You’ve been asking me why I haven’t updated my blog well here I am.  As always I’ve got tons of website work to do but the good news is it’s supposed to each much easier to maintain multiple sites.
I’ve cut back on that chit chatting in the online adult bbw circle as I stated I would some months back. And you wouldn’t believe how much this has changed my stress level. Yes, baby !! I’ve also had to block a bunch of folks from my facebook, myspace, twitter and youtube !! There grown folks are a mess honey. A pure mess. It’s never been easy being me but I wouldn’t trade for all of the world.

Anyway, I’m about to jump in the shower.